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Small boobs is a Big problem?

It’s about a year ago that ‘Khemmikka Na Songkla’ was presented on a television program named ‘VIP’ to tell about the ancient tips learned from her grandmother, in order to increase women’s breast size rapidly. She claims that it can increase breast size up to 1-4 inches and be constant in shape three to five years. Her method takes a few minutes with a just slap of her hands on the breast only! ‘Thailand breast slap’ technique now is widely recognized in Thailand. Khemmikka or nickname ‘Koong’, age 43, started her breast slap career about 25 years ago(why just famous now?). The number of women who had come to upgrade her chest with Khemmikka expected to reach thousands of people. The price of a ‘Thai breast slap’ course is 18,000 Baht, included two times approximately ten minutes each of breast slap by Khemmikka. However, not everyone can uses this service. She is considered to be of service to a person who looks only in her conditions(a condition that she doesn’t service is each side of customer’s breast has a different size, A cup for the left side and B cup for the right side, for example).

Thailand Breast Slap: Natural Breast Enhancement Techniques

I just had to write about this….

It’s currently trending on Google, and for really good reasons!

Everyone is trying to find out exactly what the “Thailand Breast Slap” really is. I immediately thought this was some sort of adult site or something kinky like that, but I was actually very surprised to find out that this Thailand Breast Slap is something that the Thailand government is supporting (no pun intended)!

Apparently, the plastic surgery numbers in Thailand are completely skyrocketing and in an effort to combat the plastic silicone booby inflation (no pun intended), the Thai government has issued some advice to women on how to look better, the natural way.

Reports have said that the Thailand government is recommending women to slap each other’s breasts in an effort to make them bigger. The Thailand Health Ministry is offering classes as a substitute for the silicone implant surgery, very common for many Thai people.

The reports say that this Thailand Breast Slap technique has been made famous by a Bangkok beautician, Khemmikka Na Songkhla, who pursued a patent for her grandmother’s secret breast enlargement, fat kneading system.

Ms Khemmikka, now 35, says her shapely breasts are all the advertisement she needs and has marketed the technique in her beauty parlour for 15 years. Six sessions cost $380 (£235), and yield an increase of up to 4in without injections, chemicals or implants.

But the lucrative business threatened to go bust after a client developed breast cancer and blamed it on her breast massage. Distraught, Ms Khemmikka asked the Health Ministry to learn if there could be a link with breast massage.

Dr Pennappa Sapcharoen, the deputy director of the traditional medicine division, told her no clinical trials had been done, but she was intrigued by the technique. The ministry launched a six -month study on volunteers aged 20 to 60, and found vigorous massage left their breasts cancer-free and measurably bigger.

Ms Khemmikka helped the Institute of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine to come up with its three-month regimen of self-massage and daily breast-boosting exercises. Dr Pennapa also insists that skinny girls must eat more if they expect to increase the size of their mammaries.

HOORAY for the Thailand Breast Slap!

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